Kristin A. Winter


About Kristin A. Winter, The Aviatrix

I have been actively involved in aviation since learning to fly in 1979. I fell in love with flying and airplanes and made it my career.

My instrument rating come a year later and commercial and CFI a year after that. I spent a bit of time teaching in Anchorage in 1981 and 1982 and then headed to Embry-Riddle to finish my pursuit of a degree, the pursuit of which was interrupted by my torrid affair with flying.

Once at Riddle in Daytona Beach, I switched from a flying based degree to a generic one that allowed me to enroll in the A&P program. I was intrigued with the opportunity to better understand how aircraft worked.

After finishing at Riddle, I spent a couple of years flight instructing in St. Paul, before trying my hand at night cargo. I survived almost a year of that and moved on to help set up a air charter company over in Michigan.  This opportunity gave me experience in fleet selection, operations policy making, FAA certification, exposed me to all facets of business and flight operations beyond just the cockpit.  After five years of charter flying and operations management, I moved to California to teach for Japan Airlines.

After 16 years as a professional pilot, instructor, and maintenance professional, I chose to go to law school and work in the legal end of aviation.  Law school was a fun challenge that honed my analytical and writing skills further and with my subsequent experience practicing, I have been expose to all manner of conflicts, risks, hazards, and the results when the resolution ended up in a court of law.

I spent a dozen years representing manufacturers, operators, maintenance facilities, trade organizations, and individuals in litigation and other matters, first for a boutique aviation firm and later for a big national defense firm.  After all those years commuting into San Francisco in traffic, I was ready for a change of pace.

I have recently set up a solo law and consulting practice serving the aviation industry with technical, legal, transactional, and business matters. My practice ranges from purely legal matters to purely aviation consulting matters and just some good old flying and fixing.  Pre-purchase consulting and inspections is one area in which I specialize.  I also serve as an expert witness in aviation lawsuits.  I was involved in airport operations as a charter operation and FBO in Michigan and more extensively involved here on California.  After almost five years on the Petaluma Airport Commission, the last three as Chair, I am well versed in the requirements of the FAA Grant Assurances, airport operations, marketing, and the like.

I have extensive operational experience with most all Piper aircraft, especially the twins, both flying and maintenance; with the Beech Bonanza line, mostly flying, some maintenance; Beech C90 King Air, flying; and the C-310, flying.  Over the years I have flown most common light aircraft by the major manufacturers.

I have flown, and owned several Comanches and currently own and fly a 1969 Twin Comanche.  I know the Comanche line very well and am generally recognized for my Comanche expertise and I do a considerable amount of consulting or work for other Comanche owners and buyers, including flight instruction.


Airline Transport Pilot — Single and Multiengine Land
Flight Instructor — Single and Multiengine, Instrument
Ground Instructor — Basic, Advanced, and Instrument
Aircraft Mechanic — Airframe and Powerplant
Inspection Authorization
Second Class Medical


Total Time – 8200+
Multiengine — 4000+
Turbine — 750+
Dual Given — 3500+
Actual Instrument — 550+
Night — 1500+


PA-31 — 800+
PA-23 — 300+
PA-34 — 200+
PA-30/39 — 800+
C-310 — 600+
BE-90 — 750+
BE-33/35/36 — 1400+